Maynard Books


The Little Moose Who Couldn’t Get to Sleep


Illustrated by James Stimson

Little Moose cannot get to sleep because her Moose Brain cannot stop thinking things: things like “How come is there Something instead of Nothing?” and “What would it be like to have a bed that was like a soft bathtub full of mashed potatoes?”

For the answer to these and other questions, order your autographed copy today! You can even hear Maynard himself narrate the tale on the accompanying audio CD.

“This is the closest we’ll ever get to being in a little kid’s head…Some of the art is practically frameable.”
~The Reading Room

“This book is cute and funny, unique and whimsical, and has a good moral, too.”
~New York Journal of Books


The Bully Goat Grim


Illustrated by James Stimson.

Audio CD included inside book.

In The Bully Goat Grim, baby troll wields grammar skills while confronting dubnoxious bully. Maynard’s third book continues the Mother Moose tales series with engaging North American Moose dialect (Moose-English glossary included).

“The Bully Goat Grim is a complex and interesting read, ripe with opportunities to extend and to discuss.”
~ Books 4 Learning, Books 4 Learning Review

“Stimson’s illustrations are as droll as ever, his characters full of personality, and spreads that are packed with details will require repeat readings to uncover them all. Between the moose dialect and the story’s twist, this may not be one of your grandmother’s tales, but even she won’t be able to resist a few chuckles. Hysterical.”
~ Kirkus Reviews, July 2012


Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs


Illustrated by James Stimson.

Audio CD included inside book.

In Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs, a prince riding a snow white moose tries to rescue a long-haired maiden who has been poisoned by a witch. Maynard’s second book continues to recount the classic Mother Moose tales in the engaging North American Moose dialect (a Moose-English glossary is included).

Nappa Gold Award

Storytelling World Resource Award

“…veteran yarnspinner Claflin follows up The Uglified Ducky (2008) with another “distremely” hilarious mashup. Related in moose dialect, the tale has young Punzel cutting off her “goldie” locks after they become “all full of sticks and twigs and little nastified wudgies of glop”…

[Illustrator] Stimson places the escapade in a traditional medieval setting… and slips in droll details like Japanese tourists. In the end, …all “lived happily for never afterwords.” Moral? “[T]here ain’t no moral,” the antlered narrator concludes. Plenty of belly laughs, though.”
~ Kirkus Reviews, March 2011

“…This book is required reading for any fans of Maynard the Moose. If you are not a fan of Maynard you will become one…”
~ Eric James Wolf (Brother Wolf), March 2011


The Uglified Ducky



Illustrated by James Stimson.

Audio CD included inside book.

Maynard’s first book recounts the classic Mother Moose tale of a hapless moose who becomes mistaken for a baby duck, and struggles to fit in until he ultimately discovers the heartwarming moral. The story is written in the delightful North American Moose dialect (a Moose-English glossary is included).

Texas Bluebonnet First Place Award

Storytelling World Resource Award

“Stimson’s droll gouache illustrations perfectly match the tongue-in-cheek text, with characters that are just brimming with personality. This is one not to be missed.”
~ Kirkus Reviews, August 2008

“Stimson’s colorful illustrations are a riot, featuring stylized shapes, funny expressions, and animated scenes. A CD of the story performed hilariously by Claflin is delightful. This fresh, lively story is laugh-out-loud funny.”
~ School Library Journal, September 2008