Music CDs

Calling For Thin Dime Joe


Willy Claflin
with Tom Carr, Brian Claflin, Rick Higgs, Ben Cortez and Marcie Brown

Willy plays and sings his songs of sidewalk vagabonds, ghost town denizens, moonrise and sunset and slot machine queens. Willy’s first CD of original music since Bones of Love (1987) features Brian Claflin on harmony vocals, Rick Higgs on electric guitar and Tom Car on bass.

01) The Sun Don’t Care and the Moon Don’t Mind
02) Calling for Thin Dime Joe
03) Jefferson street
04) Such a Long Time
05) Silver Like Water
06) Dream on Jesse
07) Last Time
08) For Better or Worse
09) Miracle Wells
10) Tell Me, Tell Me
11) Original Face
12) Long Gone
13) Heart of the Fire

Bones Of Love


Willy Claflin

01) The King is Dead
02) Don’t Sit in That Chair
03) Hushabye
04) One Went to California
05) Out of the Darkness
06) Sleepy John
07) Bones of Love
08) Down on Old Waikiki
09) Non Duality
10) Hey OK
11) Nostalgia for the Vegetable State

    A Recommended Release in Billboard Magazine, Willy’s 1987 folk-rock classic is now available for the first time on CD!


    In Yonder’s Wood


    Willy and Brian Claflin
    with Tom Carr, Dan Kellar, and Dave Halberg

    Our family’s favorite traditional tunes are mostly narrative ballads. The first half come from the British Isles—the second half from Appalachia and the American West—so we follow a chronological drift from the 16th century to the present, crossing the Atlantic with Pontchartrain and the capstan shanty General Taylor.

    These tunes live on thanks to the work of a handful of scholars and song-catchers: Francis James Child, Cecil Sharp and Maud Karpeles, John and Alan Lomax. Without them, most of these songs would have been lost. We owe them our deep gratitude.

    Derum Kimmie Quo-Qua

    “Fine folk music, delivered with brio and sensitivity…It’s a day brightener, for sure”
    ~ Peter Schickele (PDQ Bach, NPR’s Schickele Mix)

    01) Country Life
    02) Lord Bangam
    03) ‘Twas Pleasant and Delightful
    04) Nottamun Town (full length sample)
    05) The Rose and the Lindsy-O
    06) The Rolling of the Stone
    07) Willy MacIntosh (full length sample)
    08) Jones’ Ale
    09) The Banks of Pontchartrain
    10) General Taylor
    11) Down Bound Train
    12) Copper Kettle
    13) The Wind and the Rain
    14) Buffalo Skinners
    15) I Will Reap What I’ve Sown
    16) Turtle Dove Done Drooped His Wings
    17) Pretty Boy Floyd (full length sample)
    18) Ooralye-Aye


    Stones Along The Shore


    Willy Claflin

    Every song a Claflin original—lonesome love songs, the saga of Jesse James, hymns you’ll cherish, and Willy’s whimsical absurdity at its best. A fine sampler of Claflin’s versatility as a singer-songwriter.

    01) Downeast Cafe
    02) I Dare You
    03) New Best Western
    04) Dream On, Jesse
    05) American Son
    06) Moon On The Water
    07) Well I Thought You Might Like To Know
    08) Lemme Tell You
    09) In The Beginning
    10) Stones Along The Shore
    11) Leave The Past Behind