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Willy and Lobster
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Anne Izard Storytellers’ Award
Texas Bluebonnet Award
Texas Library Association
Circle of Excellence Award
National Storytelling Network
National Parenting Publishing
Gold Award
iParenting Media Award
Parents' Choice Gold Award (3)
Mom's Choice Gold Award
Storytelling World Award (3)

Willy is a favorite at the National Storytelling Festival and at regional festivals across the country. He tells original and traditional stories, and is the speaking-mouth-person for Maynard Moose, the only quadruped on the storytelling circuit today. Willy sings his own songs, plus hundreds of eerie ballads from the British Isles and Appalachia (and a lot of blues and rock-n-roll).

His latest one-man show is the story of his great-great aunt, the notorious and mesmerizing Victoria Claflin Woodhull. The first woman stock broker and the first woman to run for president (1872), she ran and lost on a platform of free love and workers’ rights.  more info...
Willy records and performs with his son, Brian Claflin, and lives in San Francisco with his wife and manager, Jacqueline Darrigrand.

Willy has many award-winning recordings. He is also the co-author (along with Maynard Moose) of three award-winning children’s books: The Uglified Ducky, Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs, and The Bully Goat Grim. A fourth tale, The Little Moose Who Couldn’t Go To Sleep, is scheduled for publication is early 2014.

Willy grew up in the woods of New Hampshire. The only child of shy, eccentric parents, he spent his childhood daydreaming and impersonating wildlife. After four long years of boarding school, he went to Harvard in the 60’s and became a folk musician.

Then, unfortunately, he had to get a job. So he taught school, where he found out that kids love learning from puppets—and he got to sing. Eventually, he was hijacked by a troupe of hand puppets, including one alien life form. A full-time performer and writer since 1983, Willy is now a master storyteller, mostly for adults, but his kid fans are still really important to him.

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