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Concerts and Solo Performances for Adults
Mrs. Satan for President: The incredible saga of the clairvoyant, stockbroker, and free-love advocate Victoria Claflin Woodhull, the first woman to run for president of the U.S. in 1872.  more info...

Sorry Is As Sorry Does: A tribute to the late great Gamble Rogers.

Where Were You in '72? As Country Joe says, "If you can remember, you weren't there." Counter-culture misadventures in the Maine backwoods, from long ago.

The Intergalactic Storytelling Festival: Live from Roswell, New Mexico, alien life forms tell amazing (and often incomprehensible) tales.

In Yonder's Wood: Ballads and story-songs from the British Isles and Appalachia, from 1600 to the present day..

The George Washington Method for Blues Ukulele: Why did the Father of our Country smash ukuleles and set them on fire? Come find out.

A Tour Of My Mind: Storyteller Elizabeth Ellis once said, "I would like to take a tour of this man's mind." Her wish has been granted! No refunds…

Maynard Moose—Mother Moose Tales: A concert of fractured fairy tales and ruminant nonsense for all ages, 6 and up.

Schools and Libraries
Willy has been doing school concerts of storytelling, music and puppetry since 1980. He delights and reaches students at every level, K-12. Deeply committed to language arts, he imparts this through performances that kids adore.

Fellow storyteller Maynard Moose has been travelling and working with Willy since 1977. Maynard inspires kids of all ages to write and tell their own stories, to understand how stories are created and passed on, and to reconnect with their own unique imaginations in this age of pre-packaged entertainment. Maynard values honesty, bravery, kindness, curiosity, word play and images that Sproing! out of nowhere. In concert, Maynard is often joined by his good friend Gorf, the famous bullfrog flyswatter percussionist.

Drawing on forty years of teaching experience, Willy offers both classoom and teacher workshops. Residencies allow students to practice and perform their tales, and Willy collaborates with teachers to best serve the students’ quest for literacy and oral communication skills. Author’s visits allow Willy and Maynard to take children on a journey from imagination to the spoken word, and finally to the printed page.

"His remarkable creativity touched everyone, students, faculty, staff and parents... He is truly a master of his trade."
~ Marsha A. Cabbab, Teacher, Hanahauoli School
"An inventive style and wacky humor infuses Willy's 'altered' fairy tales in a way that will grab listeners and not let go."
~ School Library Journal
"Willy's thinking is so quick and his facility with language so good that our students learn to write better stories almost instantly. On the first day he was supposed to arrive at school this fall, I encountered three fifth grade boys skipping down a path, arm-in-arm, singing 'Willy's coming! O, Willy's coming!'"
~ Bruce Shaw, Director, Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA
"(Willy is) such an extraordinarily talented storyteller and musician... ...far and above my favorite."
~ Carolyn Potter, Fairfax Library, CA
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