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Little Moose Is Here!
Whee! Maynard Moose's new book, The Little Moose Who Couldn't Go To Sleep, has finally arrived! At last we can visit Mother Moose's Kitchen, have a cup of tea, and stir the big pot on the stove; the pot all stories come from."

"This is the closest we'll ever get to being in a little kid's head...Some of the art is practically frameable."
--The Reading Room
"Clever and kind, this rhythmic bedtime story will make kids "blorble" with joy... James Stimson's lively, colorful illustrations beautifully enhance the tale."
--Foreword Magazine
"This book is cute and funny, unique and whimsical, and has a good moral, too."
--New York Journal of Books

Visit the Store to order your autographed copy today!

And remember Wise Old Moose's Sage Advice: "You can always judge a book by its cover."
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Little Moose Is Here!
The Little Moose Who Couldn't Go To Sleep. Order your copy now from the store
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