In Yonder’s Wood

Willy Claflin—lead & harmony vocals, guitar, banjo. Willy has been collecting traditional songs and writing his own material for decades. He is also an award-winning storyteller and performs at festivals around the world. Willy has numerous storytelling recordings in print, as well as two indie albums of original songs released in the 1980’s (which featured Brian on harmonies).

Brian Claflin —lead & harmony vocals, guitar, bass, banjo, accordion, mandolin, octave mandolin. Brian is a published songwriter, having collaborated with writers Nanci Griffith and Adam Duritz. Although Brian has been singing with his dad his whole life, In Yonder’s Wood is their first formal collaboration as a duo. For more about Brian, visit his website

For more about the Willy and Brian Claflin duo,
visit their Myspace page.

Featured guest musicians:
Tom Carr—bass
Dan Kellar—fiddle
Dave Halberg—percussion

Audio Samples

01) Country Life
02) Lord Bangam
03) ‘Twas Pleasant and Delightful
04) Nottamun Town (full length sample)
05) The Rose and the Lindsy-O
06) The Rolling of the Stone
07) Willy MacIntosh (full length sample)
08) Jones’ Ale
09) The Banks of Pontchartrain
10) General Taylor
11) Down Bound Train
12) Copper Kettle
13) The Wind and the Rain
14) Buffalo Skinners
15) I Will Reap What I’ve Sown
16) Turtle Dove Done Drooped His Wings
17) Pretty Boy Floyd (full length sample)
18) Ooralye-Aye


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